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Welcome to JCI have a look on brass components

As a leading manufacturer of Turned and Precise components of Brass, JCI provides various components with the highest quality, less maintenance, and higher performance. Our wide range of Brass turned components exceed the need for heavy tolerance and subtle surface finish

We manufacture a wide range of Brass precision components that incorporate Auto Parts, Fancy Hardware Parts, Moulding Bush, Insert Parts, Electrical & Electronic parts, and many more. Brass is the most widely used metal in the manufacturing industry today. Due to its superior qualities and properties, Brass is widely used in the manufacturing industry.

While we manufacture turned and precise components made out of Brass, we assure supreme quality with standardized specifications. If you have customized requirements for the components of Brass parts, we can surely manufacture the products as per the specifications, drawings given from your end.

From manufacturing the turned and precise Brass components to final delivery, we take care of all custom requirements from even for the packaging or labelling. Let us manufacture the best quality Brass components for you. Get in touch with us now!