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Brass moulding inserts

Welcome to JCI have a look on Brass moulding inserts

JCI is a well-known manufacturer of Brass moulding inserts that come in various sizes and shapes. We aim to make our clients satisfied with utmost quality and superior services. Whether there are requirements of standardized Brass moulding insert or you have custom specifications, we manufacture the moulding inserts in different sizes and shapes.

Our staff is trained to accompany the latest technology and tools while manufacturing the moulding inserts; means never compromise in quality of the products we serve. Besides, our Brass moulding inserts assure optimum quality that provides high durability, tensile strength and resistance to corrosion. High-temperature bearing capacity of our product also made the Brass inserts ideal for different industrial applications.

The specification our Brass moulding inserts include; standardized threads, deep groove for the highest pull out resistance, unnecessary flush tolerance, and Knurling availability in various shapes, i.e., diamond, straight, unidirectional, etc

When JCI manufactures Brass moulding inserts for domestic or international clients, we assure the product with excellent specialties that include, flexibility, durability, adaptability. And, we not only manufacture the custom Brass moulding inserts, but we also take care of the custom packaging labelling requirements (if any). Let us know your specifications and custom needs to sort the inserts, and we won't let your expectations down