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Terms And Conditions

Agreement Of Understanding :

We are JC International and we run our business with ethics and responsibilities to understand the situation of our client and customer. Therefore we made some rules and regulation to regulate the healthy business practices.

Communication policy :

Our current communication working is through Emails and calls. We highly appreciate if client contact us by our official Email ID. We never contact you from any other Email ID which does not have our domain @jcinternational.in except jcbrassproducts@gmail.com , For call we only use two cell-numbers. If you receive any call from other number and pretending that we are JC International please verify before giving any information. We are not liable for any lose in case of fake call on our name.

Information and privacy safety:

The business details we provide in form of quotation and in any form of information, business deals and ideas are not suitable to share with any other company or any other person. Therefore our all type of communication subject to privacy. We also cannot share any sort of information regarding other organization until the same organization give us permission in written. The same condition apply on us as business firm, clients are sharing designs and ideas with us about their upcoming products and projects that we are responsible for insuring safety and privacy of all secrete information. Any type of violation of privacy terms will be subjected to the legal procedure. JC International can take the legal actions when it is required.


Due to ongoing pandemic situation from 24 march 2020 23:59:00 to the next notice from our officials, it may be delay in delivering of your order due to Covid restrictions in local area. However we are working hard on our services to get your order deliver on time. We are following all the safety norms and protocols suggested by state and central government.

Quotation guidelines:

All the aspects of requirements need to be mention in written email. We need all your requirements in writing and sign by responsible person of your firm. The quotation we provide you is for limited time that we mentioned in quotation, due to high fluctuation in the cost of raw material in international market we will have to time bound the quotation. PO (Purchase order) must be provide before 45 days. If it is urgent we will have to look up for different arrangements and we will take extra charges for it only if applicable. Quotation does not include logistics and all the other government tax.

Payment policy:

Our generalise payment policy is 50% in advance at the time of PO and 50% at the time of delivery. For unique orders payment terms will be negotiable. We did not accept any type of payment in cash we only collect and receive payment by standard payments protocols mentioned in quotation. Late payment is subjected to violation of payment terms which will affect future orders we are willing to keep clear payment history of our clients. Logistic and special packaging requirements is changeable which you need to mentioned at the time of quotation, though we are not including logistics except it is in our range. We are not subjected to any type of logistic failure and we did not prefer to provide logistics and include it in quotation. All the charges which not mentioned in quotation are counted as extra charges.

Domestic and International business:

We consider all local and international clients equally our all rules are applicable to all the customers irrespective of countries. Only mode of payment is different, for international customers we only do business in US dollars and for local companies we need payment in Indian Rupees. All tax and extra charges need to be clarify first before conforming order. We are following Indian taxation system so we will not do any kind of compromise in terms of legalities. Any type of payment fraud subjected to legal challenge in Jamnagar district court.


We are providing best final product with manageable accuracy. We will inform you that in technical work there is a requirement of tolerance in each components. Because of our finishing we are growing in market we insure that we have minimum amount of tolerance. We will also send you sample if it is required for examination. For the customised turned components we require development cost for sending you the samples.

All the given terms and conditions in agreement must be maintained by both parties. This is an agreement of only two companies and responsible authorities.